Our Vision

EPMA specializes on a variety of multifaceted Information Technology services and consulting and guarantees the completion of quality projects for various clients while proffering an opportunity to talented individuals to develop their skills while living and working in the Nilgiris.

Our Story

Envisioned and established in 2017 by founders Joyson and King, EPMA was founded in the picturesque town of Ooty, known for its year-round ideal climate, inflow of tourists, parents and students of all ages and the quality of its educational institutions. Despite the number of available, trained professionals in the Nilgiris, often their best choice of employment is to “go down to the city” to work with the lack of many organizations to fit the need of so many individuals. EPMA bridges that gap - working on selective high-end processes while providing a platform for the upcoming and present workforce.
Our plan is to develop organically, client by client, project by project, and employee by employee to grow what we think is a much-needed company in the Nilgiris. We’re here to meet the goals of clients using strategic skill while providing young employable, talented and skilled individuals a chance to be part of an active workforce while they live in the Nilgiris.


Call Center

High Quality Talent

1. Experienced and skilled, dedicated to following through till the job is complete.
2. 20+ experience in top IT companies


Call Center


1. Adaptable, flexible, versatile and grounded people
2. Creative in problem solving
3. Competent and client focused in IT services.




1. Deep, diverse, and vetted bench — can flex up & down depending on the needs of clients.
2. Ability to work with small & big companies and projects.

Our team of seasoned experts have a collective experience amounting to 20+ years in the IT sector and can handle jobs of any size, complexity and range.